Enter the Twitter

In my pursuit of developing a social media mindset, I began Twittering. It wasn’t part of the plan when making this blog, but the more I go along this path that I’ve set for myself, I feel it is a natural step.

So what I’ve done in this vain is two-fold:

I admit a custom domain would be nicer, but USD$100 is a bit outside the budget. No way to convince my significant other that it’s one of the things we need to spend money on… Not even gonna try that with 5 followers on my blog and 12 on my Twitter feed… I value my life.

So the Twitter feed is active. And I’ve already met a few really cool people already. Looking forward to really getting a deeper understanding of how to utilize the blog and Twitter together.

prackticaI’m currently using Tweetdeck to manage my Twitter as it updates in realtime and it allows you to customize what you see in the columns. If there’s something better let me know in the comments.

Onward to Coding,

Social J


Copywrite info: free image used from 50 High Quality Twitter Icons for FREE – 50 Best Free Twitter …


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