Full day of coding ergo the coding

Literally spent the whole day researching social media. Spent a lot of that time looking at other’s Twitter feeds and blogs to understand a little bit more about social media and of course about coding.

There were some surprises and also even came across a few writers that write quite impressively. One such writer, Sacha Black, wrote a post on how to make characters memorable, without needing to hit the reader over the head. It’s quite an interesting read and the writer seems to be quite an interesting person. Definitely something to check out if you like good writerly advice written by a qualified writer.

On the coding vain I got some good info from talking to a few people on Twitter that code professionally, are still learning, and from a bootcamp academy and a online learning site. Bootcamps are not really something I can afford: time or moneywise. It was still a nice dream for all of 20 minutes while watching the intro video on Fullstack Academy’s website. The $16,000 price tag was a bit unsettling and also the idea of quitting my job for 10-14 weeks are probably not on the TO-DO list for maintaining a healthy relationship…

I was really surprised though by their free coding resources after filling in my email.


You can find it at the bottom of their website.

They didn’t scrimp on any of it. Apparently it’s exactly what they give to preboot camp students, so if you have the dedication it’s a great path to getting on the right track. I think I might be busy for 10 weeks just trying to click all of them. I’m encouraged. Just will have to keep the caffeination pump on tap. I might be studying independently, but with the role of social media I look forward to getting to a point of being able to work remotely with other coders. Still a while off from that, but it makes me excited to get to that level.

Social media really is social. I’ve been learning that in the last two days. I know that sounds weird and oxymoronic, but I just never really realized how much of a community it really is here when you put the time into it. So thank you fellow bloggers and tweeters for your comments likes and follows. If I haven’t checked out your sites or we haven’t talked, give me a shout. I’m looking forward to getting to know as many of you as I can.

Social J



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