Busy Day ( a f e w t h o u g h t s )

Totally didn’t even get more than a couple of glances at some code today. Stuck doing what I love to be doing, which is writing creative content, albeit about a Pokemon apocalypse, and also finalized a Twitter account with loaded content for a podcast that I did with a colleague that also has DJ experience. It should be fun. The first one went pretty well, especially after his final cut.

I wanna say though, that although I didn’t get any coding done today, I keep trying to insert HTML in everything I’m doing. Like, for instance, a job posting that I wrote up for FB. I wrote HTML code all the way through it which I felt pretty proud of, until I realized that HTML code doesn’t work. That resulted in a pretty quick–EDIT-COPY-DELETE.

And as quick as that happened, so must I end this post. I’ve got a moment to sleep and I’d better not pass it up. Tomorrow everyone’s going to be watching me and I’m supposed to look like I know what I am talking about


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