A man who learns never grows old

Recently been caught up in a research loop—

Guess that makes sense as loops are a common variable in coding languages. It’s not just coding though. I’m diligently factoring in everything I can in the free time that I have to try to improve my knowledge.

Basically all my free time at the office, I’m researching social media in ways to improve my company’s social presence. Then after work, I’m taking what I have gathered to improve my knowledge of how it extends beyond the scope of my business and into the social media realms of Twitter, Blogging and into the sphere of writing: listicles, infographics, white papers, just to name a few.


I’m doing what I can, but it always seems like there’s never enough time in the day. Recently I added studying math on Khan Academy to improve my ability to make better sense of SEO analytics. Math was the largest impediment to my studying CS back in the college days. It was that and the smell of the server room. I honestly remember the warmth and the smell of a vacuum sealed room of crusty pizza and locker room body odor. It stopped my dream at that time, but I never stopped loving computers. I just was unable to take that step to becoming a computer scientist.


Now, I’m trying to find a way to take that love I had before and branch it into my life now. I think that’s the question you may have, READER, what exactly is it that I do in my life. The answer to that is not an easy question to answer as it’s a myriad of answers. I do work at a company and I do have office hours, but those are mostly determined by me and I’m given a large amount of space to create my own projects to help improve the presence of my company. I handle engagement, hiring, coaching, training, workshops, presentations, contest hosting, podcasting, voice recording, podcasting, and a wide assortment of writing and editing projects. I’d never complain about what I do. It gives me the time I need to learn and a chance to draw upon my enthusiasm to find new innovative ways of interacting with our clients. I am excited to find out more and more about avenues to be able to share some of my methods and to learn more about how social media involvement will help me to develop as a creative content manager.

Thanks to all the people that have been helping. I’m especially indebted to the help on Twitter by Sam Hurley and the articles off of jeffbullas



3 thoughts on “A man who learns never grows old

  1. great post. regarding math vs. cs, i too was weak in math. in fact the only reason i know any trig at all is to plot a circle:

    r 10 ## draw a circle
    x 20 ## public domain
    y 12
    start -3.14   : cls
    stop   3.14
    for p start stop 0.0314
    xcol p  : cos : times r     : plus x : times 2 : int
    yrow p  : sin : times r     : plus y : int
    now "*" : locate yrow, xcol : prints

    you can go a lot farther in cs with solid math skills, but you can certainly study many cs concepts without them. you will need to collaborate with people that do have the math chops to get some things done.

    so a practical question: if you had made it through cs, what would you be doing with that?


    1. Thanks Karl. I think I’m learning how to blog about development, but sometimes while it’s easy to write what I’m trying to do, it’s at the same time hard to reply to a compliment. It feels a bit like I’m looking for a pat on the back and I have to ask myself if that’s what I was trying to achieve in writing what I did. Regardless of my true motivation, I appreciate your comment.


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